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I know the pandemic is keeping everyone at home; home working is becoming the new normal for many of us, and it is hard to find good presential training these days, but it does not mean that you need to stop learning!

I would say that this is the perfect moment to start learning something new, and why not start with Data Science?

Data Science is an incredible area to develop your skills today. It combines statistics, Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning), and data.

You will analyze data, find patterns, make predictions, and help companies solve business problems.

Data Science…

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At the same time that AI is rapidly becoming integrated into workplaces, several myths about the technology persist.

Enduring misconceptions about AI have caused some concern over the years. Many people believe that the potential of AI is limitless and that we could face a situation similar to the one depicted in the popular Terminator films with Skynet. I even published a book about it.

This article will assist business leaders in identifying AI myths, understanding how AI works, and understanding its limitations.

Here, I’d like to debunk five persistent myths about AI that many people hold dear:

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Despite significant growth in e-commerce, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, physical retail still accounts for a significant portion of sales, primarily in supermarket chains and department stores. As a result, using technology to keep consumers’ attention in these spaces becomes critical, especially during the recovery period.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) intends to explore this niche with two solutions to streamline business processes and data usage.

The goal of these retailer-focused solutions is to provide retail customers with a hyper-personalized shopping experience. For this, the consultancy’s platforms rely on customizable and localized Big Data and Predictive Analytics. …

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It was classified as the worst cloud vulnerability you can imagine,” revealing its existence since 2019

A severe vulnerability in Microsoft Azure has exposed data from thousands of clients of the cloud computing service, including some of the largest companies in the world.

The failure was communicated to users of the email platform sent on Thursday (26).

In the message, Microsoft informed the clients that invaders would have the ability to read, modify and delete data stored in Azure if they explore the failure.

However, the company claims not to have found evidence of cyber attacks related to such an error.

Cloud security vendor Wiz who discovered the bug, announced yesterday, classified the bug in Microsoft…

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Let’s face it! As digital technology advances and plays an ever-increasing role in our daily lives, companies must keep up with the times.

From a broad perspective, the choice is simple: keep up or fall behind.

That said, understanding what digital transformation means for your company, on the other hand, requires a little more investigation, euphemistically saying.

So, first things first, let’s define what Digital Transformation is.

Source: NVIDIA Enterprise blog

Last Wednesday (25), Nvidia announced that its Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools software is available for its NVIDIA Certified Systems systems acceleration suite servers and workstations for groups of any size.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise is a certified, end-to-end suite of key NVIDIA AI technologies and applications as well as enterprise support services and allows enterprise applications to run in a virtualized environment.

It includes many features to assist researchers, data scientists, and AI developers who use the VMware vSphere platform, which is already included in the program.

Companies like Atos, Dell Technologies, GIGABYTE, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Inspur, Lenovo, and Supermicro are…

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A growing number of AI technology has been used to analyze athlete performance, predict the likelihood of victory, perfect moves, and define strategies during the last years.

And if you watched the games, you may have not noticed that AI was massively present at the Olympics this year, but believe me:

AI was present in everything from robotic guides to enhanced viewing experiences, helping to revolutionize even sports storytelling.

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First and foremost, let us define ROI. The acronym stands for Return on Investment. The expression denotes the metric used to calculate the income generated by a specific amount of investment.

Among the economic indicators related to the business world, perhaps the most used and misused is the return on investment.

It is a general term in investment analysis used primarily to identify potential and past financial returns.

The ROI metric, expressed as a rate of return, shows how much an investor gained (or lost) concerning the amount invested in a given investment while also analyzing what happened and a…

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AI has become more and more integrated into our everyday lives and AI teams are becoming vital to the success of many businesses.

AI is an integral part of almost every industry today and as a result, most businesses need to have AI teams to deliver precise and scalable value to stay competitive.

However, there are not always enough people with AI skillsets in the market, and it may leave companies without the ability to grow their business through Artificial Intelligence.

Today I will explore why operational and business skill sets are becoming more crucial when working on AI projects…

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As AI impacts almost every industry globally, some areas are starting to shine in the run.

AI is disrupting the way we live our lives, and it has played a critical role in business transformation in the last few years.

Because of its sophisticated capabilities and thorough data analysis, Artificial Intelligence is also transforming every industry.

A business prospective

AI has the potential to benefit organizations in a variety of ways. AI’s commercial benefits are limitless because it is a more robust technology.

In addition, AI can automate corporate processes and compile data analysis findings. As a result, many companies utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to improve employee and customer engagement.

This article will look at some of the ways…

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