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Weekly A.I. Newsletter 10.06.2020

A weekly update with the most interesting articles about Artificial Intelligence

I read an endless number of articles every week about A.I., and I believe it is a good thing to collect them and share them with more people as possible.

But I like the idea of doing this in a “smart” way, so I’m using Artificial Intelligence (what else?) to automate the whole process of data collection, cleaning, and summarization of my favorite articles.

From today, I will share on Medium, a weekly list of the most relevant articles that I read during my spare time, and to keep me updated in my work.

If you want to find out how I’m automating this process, read it here:

Here you have a summary of the most relevant articles that I’ve read during this week about Artificial Intelligence:

Demand for A.I. Skills to Surge in the Post-Pandemic Era.

The COVID crisis has created a great deal of uncertainty in the job market with one of the most significant and, hopefully, temporary unemployment spikes ever seen. However, artificial intelligence and digitization are driving the growth of new careers. The recent crisis which has pushed just about every company into digital transformation and virtual workspaces have only increased demand for A.I. skills.

Ethics Regulations for Artificial Intelligence.

Continental has developed a code of ethics for the use of such self-learning systems. The technology company is one of the pioneers of this industry — and is developing autonomous driving systems in the car industry as well as in other sectors such as agriculture, forestry, and construction, among others. Continental is responsible for ensuring that all its product developments and internal processes are in keeping with ethical standards. AI-based decision making must always be nondiscriminatory.

Artificial Intelligence In Education Transformation.

A.I. can be used as a tool in areas where teachers are limited Machine learning applications process information more quickly and in larger quantities than humans do. UNESCO noted that A.I. provides marginalized people and communities people with disabilities refugees those living in isolated communities with access to appropriate learning opportunities.

Storytelling and Artificial Intelligence.

A.I., like Siri Alexa and Cortana, mark the way we are re-entering the era where brands are starting to take their own life in consumer’s pockets and homes. A.I. applications will increasingly become the interlocutors that people face in many brand touchpoints. This evolution, however, will pose problems for brand identity and image.

Eye, robot: Artificial intelligence dramatically improves the accuracy of the classic eye exams.

Researchers have developed an online vision test fueled by artificial intelligence A.I. that produces much more accurate diagnoses than the classic eye exam known as the Snellen chart. If perfected, the test could also help patients with eye diseases track their vision at home.

Artificial Intelligence Innovation in Financial Services.

Artificial intelligence technologies are permeating financial services sectors around the world. Financial service providers can leverage new and significant data sources to overcome obstacles such as the high cost of serving rural and low-income customers and establishing customer identity and creditworthiness that prevents many consumers from accessing financial products and services — a financial inclusion tool that firms can use to their advantage to reduce costs, improve function and reduce the risk for consumers and society at-least, according to the U.S. Bankers Association (USBA).

Self-driving vehicle startup Argo AI completes $2.6B deal with Volkswagen, expands to Europe.

Volkswagen Group finalized Tuesday its billion investment into Argo A.I., the Pittsburgh based self-driving car startup that came out of stealth in with billion in backing from Ford. The deal turns Argo into a global company with two customers VW and Ford, as well as operations in the Us and Europe and provides an instant jump in its workforce. Despite this shared investment, Ford will remain independent and fiercely competitive in building its autonomous vehicle service.

10 Ways Enterprises Are Getting Results From AI Strategies.

A.I. pilots are progressing into production across many of the world s leading enterprises based on their combined contributions to improving customer experience stabilizing and increasing revenues and reducing costs. The most successful A.I. use cases contribute to all three areas. They deliver measurable results of where A.I. is delivering proven value in enterprises today the ten areas discussed below are notable for the results they are providing.

Artificial Intelligence for I.T. Operations — the answer to sustainable operational efficiency.

AIOps optimizes I.T. operations using machine learning and big data. it reduces MTTR’s mean time to resolution, reduces the number of significant incidents, and increases operational efficiency that translates into sustainable business advantage based on improved service quality reduced service downtime and a boost in profitability.

What To Consider Before Introducing A.I. To Your Recruiting Process.

A.I. can help bring exponential efficiency and equity to the hiring process if wielded in the right way. Here are five things to look for in an A.I. recruiting platform Integrations It s imperative that the solution you purchase fits seamlessly into your existing workflow and maximizes the impact of other tool investments in your ecosystem Often vendors will say We integrate with XYZ tool, but the devil is in how implementation and updates look like. Data Ownership It is important to understand your data rights where data is stored and what security features ensure that data.

The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Professional Services.

A startup called Engine B is looking to capitalize on this emerging capability in the professional services industry. it employs only nine people today and has only raised m so far, but founder and CEO Shamus Rae says that the company s partners and backers are what makes it promising. Knowledge graphs are databases that link triplets of information subject-object and the relationship between them, allowing precise answers to complex questions.

Reinforcement Learning: The Next Big Thing For AI (Artificial Intelligence)?.

Reinforcement learning is an area of AI that looks promising such as image recognition. cutting edge companies like google s deepMind and OpenAI have already made breakthroughs with this approach to AI This is often referred to with deep learning Reinforcement learning entails an agent action and reward said Ankur Taly who is the head of data science at fiddler reinforcement has been particularly useful with robotics, For example, open AI has used this technique for a robotic arm that was able to solve the Rubik's cube.

Could AI Finally Learn To Be Emotionally Intelligent?

Academic Rana el Kaliouby has spent her career tackling an increasingly important limitation of technology that computers don’t understand humans. she is the co-founder of a Boston based start-up called Affectiva and has been working in the dynamic field of Human-Robot Interaction HRI for more than years. there are concerns that Emotional AI might have an adverse effect and further damage trust in technology if it is misused to manipulate consumers.

An Ethical Framework for Artificial Intelligence.

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