Blockchain… something you should know today.

Why blockchain is so interesting?

1. Blockchain can Prevent payment scams.

2. Blockchain is peer-to-peer.

3. Blockchain speed-up transitions.

4. Blockchain rewards loyalty.

  • Finance — Blockchain will remove the need for traditional banking and financial institutions by replacing back-office systems with a P2P system.
  • Contracts — ‘smart contracts’ will be used by a network that is routed to recipients based on future events, and a computer code.” Besides, contracts, deeds, titles, and other important documentation will be shared on the public ledger.
  • Patents and Copyright — the blockchain can prove that you had ownership of the intellectual property first.
  • Voting — When people cast their ballots, it will be recorded during elections.
  • Collectibles — The blockchain can be used to track and validate scarce or limited items like coupons or a piece of artwork.
  • Trust — Cryptographic signatures can be used to eliminate distrust on everything from shipped products to changing shifts at work.



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Jair Ribeiro

Jair Ribeiro


Top #5 Global AI Thought Leader, Father, Writer, and Reader