Recently I have been recognized as one of the Top 10 Thought Leaders in Artificial Intelligence by Thinkers360.

Thinkers360 is a global marketplace for thought leaders — including academics, advisors, analysts, authors, consultants, entrepreneurs, executives, influencers, and speakers — that allow them to share opportunities, promote and advance their expertise.

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I know the pandemic is keeping everyone at home; home working is becoming the new normal for many of us, and it is hard to find good presential training these days, but it does not mean that you need to stop learning!

I would say that this is the perfect…

Image Source: Deloitte Insights

I’ve just gone through the fourth edition of the Deloitte AI Institute’s “The State of AI in the Enterprise” survey.

It is impressive how it investigates the more profound transformations occurring within organizations using AI to drive value to understand what the most “AI-fueled organizations” are doing to drive success.

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Diversity and inclusion in the workplace have been widely promoted in recent years, to the point where it may appear unnecessary to justify them further.

However, as we face a global crisis that may hinder these advancements, it is critical to remember that, rather than being a “luxury,” diversity can…

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The Chamber of Deputies approved Bill 21/20 on Wednesday (29th), which establishes the foundations and principles for the development and application of artificial intelligence in Brazil and guidelines for the promotion and performance of public authorities on the subject. The issue will be referred to the Senate.

The House has…

Photo by the author... and if you know Steve Jobs, you probably know what does it mean :-)

About a great innovator, a visionary genius, a master storyteller, and a brilliant marketing strategist.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder, died on October 5, 2011, and the company is very different today. However, most of his ideas are still alive and kicking in Apple’s DNA.

I remember it like it was yesterday… October 4, 2011, when Apple released the iPhone 4s. There is an empty seat…

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We’ve all seen how artificial intelligence has established itself in a variety of human activities. As a result, the technology has received widespread recognition from industry players, investors, and businesses that have begun to equip their machines with intelligence, deploy automation and employ robots to perform tasks.

A.I. is all…

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has grown in popularity, and industries worldwide are rapidly incorporating it into their processes to improve business operations and customer experience.

This technology is being invested not only by large corporations but also by small and medium-sized businesses.

Furthermore, the advancement and implementation of 5G, cloud computing…

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When it comes to understanding emotion, humans have always claimed superiority over machines. That, however, will not be the case for long.

While some may be skeptical of machines encroaching on emotion, those working in the field of Emotional artificial Intelligence, also known as emotion AI or affective computing, believe…

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